First Things First - WELCOME

Well?  Here we are.  2019.   With as many ideas that float around in my mind, I have been pondering the waste in rarely take the time to write them down. I am really hoping and working to change this in the year to come.   I will be documenting and refining the stories that we have earned along the way.   Our experience has been one of dichotomy and growth.    It’s so exciting really because even if only the pages hear me, I will have someone to talk to.    That is appealing to me even though I know there will be times here in 2 cents that I may feel raw.  It is my only desire really, that at the end of the day I am authentic.    I just want to be straight with you.

  I suppose that the first thing I should do  before I go through what our 2018 looked like and what has happened to our creative sides here as a family unit.  I’d like to make it clear.  I do believe that the year to come is one of immense creativity and honesty, take it or leave it.  I have never had a sense of direction like this in my life.   I am feeling that my husband is right there with me on this piece as well.  At least he seems to be.  WE are artists, we are spiritual realists, and we hold Magicks that would need Stephen Spielberg to help tell the story of even a glimpse of what we have witnessed here in real 3rd dimensional time/space.  It has been an honor and a privilege to see what we have seen.    We are still in love after 26 years, and we both have the desire to be present in an authentic way.  So I am going to start sharing the things that come up here in our lives.  I am going to write about the questions that we are left with and what we choose to do about them.  I am an obvious artist; A person who paints her entire life and I feel that my greatest co- creator in this life is my husband.  So that’s what you will find here.  The full picture…. creativity in multiple media ranging from visual to audio to home medicines,  shopping and cooking clean; cooking with certain food requirements including keto and gluten free/grain free that I think some may find helpful and more than that FUN.   I used to walk in circles trying to feed myself when I went gluten free.  This was during a time when Whole Foods (At least in Denver) was the ONLY grocery options.  Its way different now, but I still see my husband in a similar place in his body and mind, trying to learn how to avoid poisons in his diet healing from type 1.5 diabetes.  So we work together, and we teach each other.  It’s so challenging and so much fun.  It is liberating to cook all of your own food (which I have done with undying discipline for the past 2 months).  So I will share and be honest as there are always physical challenges that need navigation on the daily for me.  It’s all I have at this point, creativity, honesty, and perspective.  So here goes…. WELCOME(#2centsfromthepnutgallery)